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Ohio Colombian Foundation

The Ohio Colombian Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in July 2018 for educational and charitable purposes, and most importantly, to keep present and alive the heritage of Colombian values and cultural traditions. 

The Foundation has the goal to establish the first Latino Cultural Garden among Cleveland’s famous collection of public gardens located in Rockefeller Park that have celebrated the story of immigration and settlement in Cleveland for over one hundred years. (For more information about the Cleveland Cultural Gardens visit

The group has already secured a site among the Cleveland Cultural Gardens for a Colombian Garden, which was the first such site established for Cleveland’s Latino community. Now they are working hard to raise funds to build a beautiful garden that will take its proud place among the gardens of the other nations from which Clevelanders have come over the City’s history. 

Imagine a lush landscape that symbolizes the diverse terrain and cultures of Colombia. The Foundation envisions not only a peaceful place to pause for personal reflection, but also a center for celebration and camaraderie. The Colombian cultural garden will also be a space for opening the ears and hearts of the wider community through cultural events and learning opportunities that will make smiles bigger and hips move that much freer. 


HOLA is a 501c3, nonprofit Latino organization based in Painesville, Ohio (a city just east of Cleveland) with a mission to empower the Latino community by creating opportunities through education, outreach, leadership development and economic advancement.


Nurseries and farms are an integral part of Ohio’s economy and have long employed a labor pool consisting of immigrants. These workers have established roots and expanded their families over the years. Yet, Hispanic farmworkers in Ohio and their families live in a worsening cycle of poverty, due to numerous barriers that lead to poor health, economic and educational outcomes, and they are targets of current zero-tolerance immigration policies.


Formed in 1999 to serve farm workers and their families, HOLA has become a pillar of the Ohio Latino and immigrant community and works with families across Ohio.  


Julia de Burgos Cultural Arts Center

 Julia De Burgos Cultural Arts Center transforms lives by preserving, educating, and promoting Latino heritage through the teaching and practice of history, culture, the visual, performing, and literary arts.  Its vision is to foster Latino arts, cultural awareness, and appreciation through celebration and education.

The Center was named after the late Puerto Rican poet, Julia De Burgos, who devoted her life to teaching children and inspiring Puerto Rican national pride. 

Julia de Burgos is located at 2800 Archwood Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44109